The Fashion Look Book

As we all know, part of this blog is my make over.  From low self-esteem and ill-fitting clothing, to the right clothes, and a positive outlook, and feeling comfortable in my skin. On this page, I will be showcasing new looks created on by yours truly.  Many of the looks may feature a “thinner” model, however the clothing styles themselves will lend themselves greatly to a girl of my borderline plus-sized stature.  This is more of a look book for myself, to find similar styles in my size, that will accentuate my curves, and some of my better features.

Be sure to follow me on to not only shop the looks seen on this page, but also other looks that I may not include.



Teal Accents
An Outfit for my Boots
I Love Amethyst
Red & Black Grunge
Yellow and Black
Halloween Ballerina

Halloween Ballerina by steel-lily-design featuring platforms heels shoes

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