Sylvie Style #SY811


New Diamond Ring?  OK!

Ok, so don’t get me wrong.  I love my wedding ring.  But I also love this ring.


Red and Black Look

When I want to go out on a casual date with my husband, I like to look good, but don’t want to overdress the occasion.  I love these skinny jeans with some pre-worn accents.  I also love the shirt, with the ever so flattering rouching and asymmetrical cut.  The jacket is amazing, and of course, the shoes are gorgeous.  I love this look for a fun Friday night date of Dinner and mini golf!

For a girl with my shape, the KAMILAH top by Ted Baker is a must.  The rouching hides the roles, and the top is long enough to sit on the hips.  The detail in the upper portion of the shirt will help hold the attention of onlookers up, instead of allowing them to focus on the mid section.

Yellow and Black

A daytime look in Yellow and Black.

I am really getting addicted to I created this look, inspired by one of my current favorite interior design trends, using black and yellow.  The look does look great, and would work well at my work, or just out and about in the afternoon.  I really like this look, and plan on shopping around and try to find this look for myself.  Looks good in fashion, looks good in interior design, looks good all over!

What happened to the diet?

This is me, striking a pose, this morning. The top is from White House Black Market, and the pants and shoes are from Torrid.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be doing a diet wasn’t I?  Not that I forgot, I just momentarily got un-motivated.  Now, I have been posting a ton of tasty, and equally not diet friendly, recipes, and nothing on diet, working out, and staying active.  I assure you, I have been watching all of my portions, and not indulging on the treats and sugary heavenly dishes I have been posting about.  I don’t know if I am any thinner, but with my new wardrobe, I feel great about myself.  I know the confidence is visible to other people as well.

Last weekend, my husband and I went out to dinner for our third anniversary.  As we were standing at the hostess podium, one of the chef’s walked up and was talking to the hostess, and the man couldn’t keep his eyes off me.  I was wearing a lovely rouched sleeveless pink top from H&M, my stiletto skinny jeans from Torrid (Seen in the photo), and an adorable pair of Sam and Libby Ballet Flats. I also was wearing my Black Layla Lace Back Cardigan from Torrid.  I don’t want to sound like he was totally checking me out {Like Oh My Gosh!}, but it did make me feel better, after all, he didn’t look absolutely disgusted with the fat girl!  He could have also been looking straight through me at my damn good-looking husband, or out the window.  {Hahahah!}

So I assure you, the diet hasn’t stopped.  I still try to go for a walk every day, and stay active.  I know my activity levels will also pick up next week when I return to work, so hopefully the pants will continue to get a little bigger.

♥ Sarah!