The secret life of a blogger

Every once in a while, I will find a graphic on this world wide web that rings oh so true in the world of me. I found this lovely graphic on the world of Pinterest that is so true to my blogging life. A lot of people I know have this room in their house that is rarely visited, that is dubbed the “Guest Room/Home Office.” Now honestly folks, who actually uses that room for the office? I have one, but the bills are paid on the kitchen table, the blogging is done from the sofa, and many of my ideas come to me in the middle of the night, from the comforts of my bed.  So no, the office isn’t the only working space in the house, the whole house is the office.

I can’t tell you even how many times an idea has struck me in the shower, and I hop out, dripping wet, and grab the WordPress App on my smart phone just to make a quick draft to remind myself of my idea later.

I am calling this “The Secret Life of a Blogger” because I know I am not alone. I am sure the rest of the blog world is with me, in the fact that their entire home is taken over by their office space, their ideas come to them, even in the most inconvenient times, like the shower, and they are always working….even when they try to turn it off.  The creator of this graphic,, has a great blog entry about just this!

Working at home, blogging during naps, these are the days!