Photography Sampler


A close up of Lily

Today, I decided to break out my husbands DSLR Nikon D300 and give myself a crash test course in using it. I took some awesome shots of the dog, and of course the baby. For not knowing what any of the millions of buttons did, I am thinking I did pretty good. I loaded them into my laptop and I must say, I am amazed that many of the shots don’t even need editing.  Now, I am not going to lie, I did work for a portrait studio for about a year in High School, so I do have some experience with photography.  My dad is also a photographer, and ran a business for years.  The thing was, I worked there over ten years ago.  That was when film was the option, and the camera they gave me to use was much simpler.  Generally, the most complex camera I have ever used has been either a Point-and-Shoot, or my cell phone.

I took this photograph of the dog. No cropping, I did this with the camera.  I was totally blown away with the detail of her fur, and how great the in-lens cropping worked.  I am typically not one that likes anything asymmetrical, but this is an absolute exception.  I liked the shot through the view finder, and I love it blown up on the screen.

I Love Babies Toes

This next photograph is of one of my favorite things. BABIES TOES!!!!!  Again, I love the in-lens cropping, and the detail on her toes.  {Yay for clean, fuzzy-free, baby feet!} This photo turned out so good, I was surprised, just like the photograph of the dog.

This photograph was a lot easier to take, I will say.  The baby was asleep, and not moving.  The dog, on the other hand, was curious about that big black clicky thing in my hand, and wanted to sniff.  When I started trying to take some portraits of the baby, she got scared and started crying.  I did get some good shots of her, however I won’t be posting any of her face.

Needless to say, I am excited with my first photography experience, and can’t wait to get the baby out and about, taking more photographs.  I think they will turn out great in the photo album I am planning on making for the grandma’s first Christmas album.  Yay for Shutterfly.  Makes making photo albums fun, beautiful, and super easy.

Anyway, all together I took about 51 photographs, playing with the f-stop and the shutter speed, and I really like about nine shots.  That’s enough for a few hours of playing, and a page worth of photographs in my album.  I hope the grandma’s like the book.  Either way, I know I will like the book, and I fully plan on providing them with a cd of all the photographs, if they want it.

Also, now that I have somewhat figured out how to use the camera, I can’t wait to take more in the future.  Abby better be photogenic.  I know the dog sure is.

Dinner time for the tornado.

OK, so every night at about 4:00, my dog decides it is dinner time. We try not to feed her until 5, so waiting for her is an hour of impatient begging and a hyper tornado like bounce around the house. A few weeks ago I decided to tape the schenanegans, and now I am posting them so everyone can see how crazy my dog really is. At least she is trained to eat in her kennel! Such a cute doggie. I love her. I can’t wait for my little girl to he old enough to play with my crazy yellow lab.