About Sarah

My name is Sarah, I am a mother of {three?}.  I have a beautiful little girl, born on May 19th, 2012.  I also have my other two kids, a dog and a cat.  I call them my furry kids.  The cat is like a grumpy teenager, and she keeps to herself, ignores both my husband and myself, hates her little sister {the dog}, but loves the baby.  The dog is a crazy yellow lab, and we still call her a puppy, since she is barely over a year.  We got both the cat and the dog when they were babies.  The cat was 8 weeks old when we got her in 2008, and the dog was 7 weeks old when we got her in 2011. (Yes, my poor husband is grossly outnumbered in this house of girls!)

I work as a kitchen designer in a large retail setting, and so I have to deal with corporate politics daily.  I have a degree in Interior Design, and can’t wait for the economy to turn around so I can step out and work for myself, thus giving myself more time to be a mom at home.  I love design, and I love turning my clients house into a home, for them to enjoy and create memories and traditions.  I also write an Interior Design Blog,

After having the baby, my body has changed, a lot.  My weight is about the same, if not a little less, but my hips have spread, and I have this crazy pouch where my tummy used to be.  I am not skinny, nor am I fat.  I am beautiful in my own way, I just have trouble remembering that.  I am as white as they come, and burn when I look at the sun, and my hair turns green when I go swimming.

I was born premature, in January of 1983.  Because I was two months premature, my eyes didn’t develop all the way, causing really bad astigmatism.  Two years ago, I pulled the trigger and went and got Lasik surgery at Griffin and Reed in Sacramento.  I went in for a consultation, and the surgery was scheduled.  I am glad it went so quickly, as I would have chickened out if I waited any longer.  I also have a lung issue, where when I am exercising or doing any strenuous activities, it  is incredibly painful to breathe, but I deal with it.  The worst episode was during labor, while I was pushing away!

I like to drink, I say bad words, I love dancing, even though I suck at it, I love all types of music, I can’t decide what my favorite color is, I love watching movies, and it keeps me up at night if I can’t remember “What other part that girl played.”  I get excited when the title of the movie is said throughout the script somewhere, and I still watch cartoons.  My favorite movies are Disney.  I love watching a good sappy chick flick, but sit me down in front of an action packed “Blow-Stuff-Up” movie, and I am a happy girl.  Horror movies give me panic attacks, and roller coaster scare the sh*t out of me.  I will be the first one to tell you that I am afraid of the dark, and I am totally claustrophobic.  Don’t even try to get me to walk down a narrow hall with the lights off, because it isn’t happening!  I have night lights in almost every room in the house, and sometimes it just isn’t enough!  My husband calls me his “Work in Progress,” as he is trying to brain wash me and eliminate some of my crazy quirks.  I am fascinated with New York City, and would love to live there one day, but put me in a small little town in the south somewhere with a big pick-up truck and a horse, and I will be happy too.  I am indecisive, and the biggest fight I have ever had with my husband is always “What do you want for dinner?” My favorite snack is Cheeze-It’s and Pepsi, but I will never turn down chocolate.

That is a little bit about me, but feel free to ask questions.  If I don’t feel it’s a bit too personal, (which I rarely do) I will answer it for you!

♥ Sarah

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