Sassy Sarah?

As part of my make over, I have decided to take on a new venture. Not just to help change me, but to earn me some extra money and possibly give me the opportunity to have an at home job versus a full time retail job.

My new venture is an outside consulting job, which is party based. It’s not Mary Kay, its not Scentsy, its much better than that! It’s Passion Parties. My theory was, you can make Scentsy stuff, and you can buy make up everywhere. Who wants to go into some hole in the wall shop in a racey neighborhood with a scarey hairy man and strippers all over the place? (At least that is how every one I have ever been to is!!) I personally would much rather have another mom selling me this stuff in the privacy of my home than some creepy guy in a store.

I was also pleased to see that the products aren’t just vibrators! It’s products for sexual well being for both husbands and wives. They have a full section just for men! It just seems to he a nice company for real couples.  I can’t wait to get started.


The Christmas Haul

For Christmas, I asked for some new make up, and decided that I should write a post based on my new spoiles.


First, is a glam palette by Bare Minerals.  It has a day time look and a night time glam look. I have worn both looks and get non stop compliments! Love this palette.

I also got “They’re Real” by Benefit Cosmetics. The best mascara I have ever tried. We are talking lift, thickening, lengthening, amazing eyelashes. I also got a sephora stack of various lip glosses that I haven’t tried, and some cleaning cloths.  The cleaning cloths by sepgora don’t remove the mascara at all. I have my Neutragena wipes that do a much better job.

So needless to say, the mascara and the palette are amazing and I love them.