A Dietary Assistance Plan

I downloaded a Diet Coach app on my Android called Noom. It is a combination of many other apps including a calorie tracker, goal setting, work out mapping app. It has a pedometer built in so I can keep track of my steps each day, as well as setting daily walking goals. It schedules workouts, which is a nice reminder of the things I need to do to shrink this waist line.  The app is based on Artificial Intelligence, which helps to monitor your eating habits, workout habits, and more, and generate a plan that you will stick to, and helps to motivate you. Like their website says, it’s not just an App, it’s a diet coach.  For example, it has been setting pedometer step goals for me every day, and every day it increases the amount of steps I need to take.  It also schedules time for me to exercise.  When you enter in your food, it color codes the food with green (for healthy) yellow (semi healthy) and red (not healthy).  It suggest so much of each food type for the day, and sets eating goals for you also.  Everyday you have some goals, and it’s just that nice extra little bit of help that I think I need.  Noom tracks all sorts of activities, from simply shopping or driving, dancing and yoga, to more extreme work outs like P90x and Insanity.  This is great because it helps you record even the simplest of tasks, even simple house work. and add’s them to your calorie burning calculations for the day.

Noom has both a free and a paid version.  They say that users with the pro version burn about two times more pounds than users with the free version.  I am going to try a month with the free version then try the paid version for thirty days just to see how much different it is, and see if it is worth it.  It is only $9.99/month, which is way less than something like Weight Watchers Online, which I was looking into.  I can’t find a great compairison of the two, so I will report back and let you know if the money is worth it.  The best I can find is even more personalized goals, workout suggestions, and an overall better understanding of your own need through the built in AI computers.

We shall see how this thing starts working for me, and I will share the progress. My next step is to get a scale.  The app can’t track my weight loss without a scale.  If you are interested in downloading Noom as well, you can download it on Google Play.


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