A New Me Should Include new Hair

Me, with curled hair!

So we all know I want to be made over, and I think that should include the top of my hair also. Currently, the blonde locks that grace my noggin haven’t been touched by a professional in nearly six months, and it is well past due.

The image to the left is a photograph of me, after spending an hour trying to curl my hair. The sad thing is, I curl for an hour and its straight after four.  I definitely need to find a slew of product that works, because right now I don’t have it.

I want a new look, but I am too scared to take that leap. I am liking the sweeping bang look, but I always regret them when I have them.  My hair is pretty wavy naturally, and I think it would look good on my lazy days if they cooperated.  (Which we all know, bangs rarely do just that…..mean bangs!)

What I think my bangs would look like on lazy days.
(In a perfect world)

So now to think of what I want to do, make the appointment, and pull the trigger. I must get my hair done before I return to work, however I am not sure finances are going to cooperate with this need.

I wonder if I can cut the bangs myself. Bad idea. we wont go there…..but I wonder….no! I don’t need to pay my stylist to fix my overly confident scissor hands.  Maybe I should hide the scissors from my self. 

The problem with me and bangs…….a permanent center part. Fix the part, and tolerate the bangs. Maybe I should look for part fixing plans of action.  I like my wavy hair, but do I want to break out the drier every morning to master the placement of the bangs? Especially while getting used to getting ready for work with the newborn.

All thoughts, all things I need to consider…..but still thinking.


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