A Torrid Experience

Skinny Jeans and an Animal Print Tube Top

I talked to my husband and mother-in-law about shopping at Torrid.  They said that the clothing wouldn’t work for me, that I wasn’t a plus size.  They left me feeling like I was at a loss and never going to find clothing that fits and makes me feel good about myself.  The conversation left me wanting to cry, like I generally do in the fitting room.  Needless to say, I was able to talk my husband into taking me after a trip to the mall portrait studio for our little ones first professional photographic debut.

The looks were more age appropriate than I thought they would be just by judging on the web site.  I was able to find tube tops that I liked, and a strapless bra that worked with my larger chest.  I left the store empty-handed due to the lack of cash flow, but I was very encouraged and motivated to sell a bunch of my clothes and go back with the money in hand.  (I guess it’s a good thing I am having a garage sale in a few weeks!  After all, why keep clothes that don’t fit, why not use them as an investment into clothes that do?)

The first look was an animal print strapless top with a touch of rouching at the breast area.  The top was nice and long, to cover up the hips.  The bottoms were a black skinny, which actually looked good with my curves.  I have never tried on a “Skinny” style pant due to fear of not being able to get it over my knees, so I was very encouraged that I got these up, buttoned, and bent over to put on the heels, without tearing them.  The Faux Leather Studded Heels finished the look with a touch of attitude and were totally comfortable and cute.

Needless to say, look one was a good one.  I also had a shrug sweater (not pictured) that would make this look suitable for most places.  I probably wouldn’t wear the tube top to work, but I do like wearing tank tops to work, and the shrug would make that OK.

Purple tube top with jean skirt and heels.

The second look was also a tube top look.  This Purple Strapless Top also has rouching at the breast area which was very figure flattering. I loved this top, and was sorry to not go home with it.  I am looking forward to purchasing it when I go back.  The jean skirt was on the clearance rack, and not available on the Torrid.com website, but it was a great fit, and length.  I wasn’t scared to bend over to pick something up, and accidentally flash the world my rump.  I will say, I liked the second look much better, as the cut of the purple top was more forgiving of my tummy rolls than the animal print one.

Both tops feature a silicone type bead along the top and bottom of the breast area to keep them in place, so you don’t have to worry about them falling down while dancing the night away.  When I go back with money, I will likely be looking for more work appropriate clothing.  I do work in a professional setting, and will be looking for those kinds of looks, including the skinny pant, and possibly a Pencil Skirt I found on the Torrid site.

I was a little disappointed in the shoes, as they only come in whole sizes, and I am a half-size.  The size 8’s were way to big, and it was difficult finding a size 7.  I will probably stick to DSW when shopping for shoes.

Anyway, Thanks to Torrid, I now have hope for looking good and finding clothes designed for my body. I shouldn’t have to have a breakdown in the fitting room.  My shopping experiences should be like this one, encouraging, fun, and leaving me feeling confident and good about myself.


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