Making Me Over

So, I put my information in on Nordstrom’s website for a personal shopper.  I feel bad because I really can’t afford to buy anything, but I need someone to help me figure out how to shop for my figure and body type.  I put that in the little 1000 character box, so we will see if they waste their time to contact me.  I can honestly say that this little mama needs a whole new wardrobe, and I need one for free!  I am hoping that someone will nominate me for “What Not To Wear” or some of those stylist type shows that will give me $5000 for a new wardrobe and show me how to shop for it.

I am the girl who has an emotional breakdown every time I step into a fitting room, and am miserable every time I try to buy clothing.  I have the problem of trying to find age appropriate clothing that will accommodate my curves, and chest.  Many of the age appropriate stores are intended for up to a size six, and the larger sizes are absolutely not flattering for the curves that accompany a larger girl.  Alternatively, the stores with the larger more flattering items, are intended for a woman old enough to be my grandma….someone in their seventies, not thirties.

I started looking online for plus-sized fashions appropriate for my age.  I have a problem admitting that I may be pushing the sizing chart and crossing over into the plus-sized territory, so this is a change for me.  I was a size six when my husband and I started dating, and now I am on the border between a fourteen and sixteen.  The biggest problem is having trouble coming to grips with my size, much less embracing my curves, and owning it, in order to feel sexy and good about myself again.

One store I found is Torrid’s website, and have realized, that this is the picture perfect store for me, and there is a location walking distance from my house.  Their website is perfect for what I am trying to do:  “The Destination for Trendy Plus-Sized Fashions.”  I think I may be dragging the husband over there tomorrow, after the farmers market…..considering they are in the same shopping center.  A wide collection of clothing that I am finding that will look great on my pear-shaped body. They even have skinny jeans for fat girls, which will look great with my super sexy Jessica Simpson Platform Black Heels.  I have been browsing the site for about twenty minutes, and it has been successful.  I have been adding styles that I like into the shopping bag just to count what they have, and can I just say, this budget friendly store has a lot I like, and even love.  Even if I can’t buy anything after dragging my husband into the store, I can at least try on some clothing that makes me feel good about myself.  Considering I have cried two days in a row, this is something that I need.


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