Evenings Out

I went out to dinner with my parents, and of course my husband and daughter. I nearly had a breakdown trying to find something to wear, as my maternity pants are too big and my non maternity pants are still a bit too small. This is more motivation to exercise even more and get some extra weight off…..mainly this flap I am forced to call my belly.

I don’t know what is more frustrating, the fact that I weigh less than I did and yet non of my pants fit, or……wait no, that’s it just frustrating. I guess the hips spreading have more side effects than I would have thought. Who would ever guess that after having a baby my weight would go down but I would gain a dress size.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? I have never heard of this, however during pregnancy I had a ton of crap happen I wasn’t aware was “normal.”

Aside from the ever shrinking self-esteem, which was obviously not helped by tonight’s wardrobe issues, I was pleased to get an old pair of heels on, and take them out. I was only able to wear them once before and was worried I wouldn’t be able to wear them again, since my feet grew. I suppose that even though I have north nearly two and a half months ago, I am still losing some of the water weight in my feet and hands. This did make me feel a little better.

I am growing to think this process is going to take much longer than I want it to. I wish there was another way to speed things up, that don’t include surgery. I am a work in progress, always have been really.


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