Belly Burn

Belly Dancing to OnDemand – Harder than one would think.

I have decided that today’s workout video is called “Belly Burn” under Dance. Of course this fifteen minute video is a crash test in Belly Dancing, which can I just say now, is freaking hard. Who would have ever thought belly dancing involved so much arm strength and control. Let’s just say, I suck at the shimmies with the shoulders. I suppose I will try this video again tomorrow. Now I want to master the shimmies! I suppose I will have to keep up with this workout routine to master not only the shimmies, but the belly dancing as well.  After doing this fifteen minute video, my shoulders are a bit sore, and I know they will be hurting tomorrow.

I have a new-found respect for the girls who belly dance.  The fluid movements of their bodies is a lot harder than one would ever think.  In order to move as gracefully as they do, you need to have complete control of your muscles, which I do not.  I belly dance a lot like a retarded robot.  (Funny image isn’t it?)  My supposed fluid movements is more like a jerky seizure, so not sexy, and so not appealing as a belly dancer.  I guess this is something I will have to work on in the future.  Now, it is time to shower, and play with my daughter.


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